March Newsletter

I am writing this as the temperature outside is minus 1 degree C and snow is forecast.  So much for spring!  Cold spring temperatures make a gardeners life difficult as it is not warm enough for seed sowing except with heat and tender new growth can easily get scorched by the cold winds.  Life is hard for bees and other pollinators as well and I have found a couple of bumble bees which seem to have succumbed to the cold.  Last year a late frost destroyed my apple crop, presumably because of damage to the flowers at a crucial stage.

You may see a swarm of honey bees in the spring, April to July,  and they are looking for a new home.  The way they go about this is fascinating, come on the bee walk on 3rd June to find out more.  If you see a swarm, or would like a hive in your garden contact Hugh on 07966 080005.

Hopefully those who took up our free seed offer will have onions and snap dragons starting into growth.  It is also time to think about growing things for the annual plant sale on 12th May.  As soon as this cold snap is over get sowing.  Some plants take longer to reach a suitable stage than others. Cosmos, for instance, will make a plant about 10cms  tall and ready to plant out after the plant sale if sown at the beginning of April; runner beans and sun flowers would need to be planted about mid April for a similar result.  Obviously this depends a little on temperature and conditions, but this is a rough guide.

Grow some extra  plants for the bees and pollinators this year and set up a Nectar Cafe in your garden.  We will be putting info about this on our website after the bee and pollinator evening on the 21st March.

happy growing,

Bridget and the Committee