January newsletter

In 2017 we ventured into the topic of pollinators with a talk on Butterflies. At the AGM it was proposed that we continue the pollinator theme in 2018 by focussing on bees, so we have designed our 2018 programme around bees. We want you to come to the events, but also get involved, doing things to support bees and other pollinators. While the honey bee is an excellent pollinator, we want to focus on wild bees – bumble bees and solitary bees. You do know the difference don’t you? No? – then come along to our events to find out!


It’s no secret that many pollinators are facing threats. Insensitive land use by man, and the loss of habitat, reduction in plant species diversity and the use of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides have all been linked to declining bee numbers. This is bad news for us and for them. But you can help – and we are asking you to…


The most important thing you can do is grow the right types of plants for bees, using seeds/plants that have not been chemically treated. We have been promoting some free seeds which support pollinators. Please take up our offer. But please don’t be restricted by this offer – when you are buying your normal seeds for 2018, select an ADDITIONAL packet of bee friendly seeds and grow them – and bring them to the plant sale in May. Want advice? – please contact us!


On February 15th the lovely and inspirational Brigit Strawbridge willBrigit Strawbridge image tell us about the importance of pollinator diversity and the relationships between bees and flowering plants. http://beestrawbridge.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/ Come along and find out which plants you should grow in your garden. Collect our bee identification guide to help you identify the bees in your gardens.


BumblBumblebee on borage imagee bees will start appearing in early spring – the large queens are looking for a new nesting place. Get your camera out to photograph the bees in your garden – so you can enter into the photo competition at the Flower show in September!  
Apply for your free seeds ASAP as some varieties require early planting. Members only.  
A GARDEN TO VISIT:  For a fantastic display of snowdrops and hellebores visit The Courts Garden in Holt near Bradford on Avon.  This is open at weekends only from 3rd to 25th February, 11am to 5.30 pm.  National Trust Members free.
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