Village Show 2022

Among many other activities, we had great music from The Pinkermans, ferret and snail racing, shetland ponies, a magician, various food and drink vendors, a coconut shy, a Load of old billhooks, face painting and other children’s activities, absolutely fabulous weather, as well as the main event – the Flower Show in the marquee.

A few interesting statistics from the Vegetable classes –

About 20% of Hort Soc members entered vegetables. There were 22 entries (out of a total of 130) from children; 14 of these were in adult classes.

A list of all the prize winners is here

The day culminated with the East vs West Tug-of-war.

Many thanks go to the newly formed Village Show committee and all the volunteers who contributed to making the day a great success.

Photos here