Covid Guidelines 2021 Flower Show

Although there are no longer any formal rules about Covid-safe behaviour, the rates locally are still very high. As I write (26th August), figures are rising and we are one of the worst affected areas in the country. Although many will have had 2 jabs, there are still many who haven’t and many who can’t (usually for health reasons). Young people catching Covid are largely safe, but a few go on to develop long-Covid, which can be highly disabling. Others are less likely now to need to go to hospital, yet may have a horrible time with the infection. The very severely vulnerable may still be at risk of fatal illness if they catch the virus. Let’s keep everyone safe! We don’t always know when someone has a severely ill or disabled relative at home.

So we would urge you all to  still take precautions when it seems sensible to do so.

As you know, we have taken steps to ensure your safety by increasing the space available, so everyone can spread out. We are allocating time slots on Saturday morning for you to place your exhibits in the marquee, for the same reason.

We would request that you bring your masks to the Show this year. Ideally, we would like everyone to wear a mask in the marquee, as well as the Village Hall, when queuing for the loo, drinks and teas etc (except when sitting at a table, of course). Although this is not compulsory, for the reasons outlined, it is still desirable!

Please try to keep a distance of at least 1, maybe 2 metres between you and anyone queuing in front of you. Be respectful of other people’s desire to stay well!