Tips from Alex – July 2017

I started off last month’s tips with a comment that we had received at last, some welcome rain and the impact that it had on my lawn. This month, I start with another welcome of much needed rain. The spell of extremely hot weather we have enjoyed in June has come to an end with more seasonally normal temperatures now being experienced. With temperatures over 30C my lawn has again suffered, showing many areas of scorched grass but this time, I fear it will take much longer to recover. Continue reading Tips from Alex – July 2017

Tips from Alex – March 2017

It’s the middle of March now and I have just recovered from jet lag having recently returned from New Zealand where, believe it or not, they have declared the agapanthus and the lupin to be pernicious weeds! It was still summertime over there; flowers were in full bloom and vegetables producing great crops. It was very interesting to see the varieties they grown on the other side of the world; many familiar and some not so and quite exotic.  Seeing all of this has served to make me look forward with eager anticipation to our forthcoming growing season. Continue reading Tips from Alex – March 2017

Tips from Alex – Jan 2017

Musings of a Hort Soc member by Alex Martin

As I write this in late January, the days are lengthening giving the hint that better times are around the corner but we are still experiencing cold nights with below freezing temperatures. It’s enough to persuade us to be looking at travel brochures in search of warmer climes rather than think about what needs doing in the garden. Continue reading Tips from Alex – Jan 2017